TFGtv has changed!

From the days of the VHS cassette, through DVD and now High Definition, Blu-Ray, Internet Video, Multimedia, IPTV and Mobile Video we've helped hundreds of people communicate...

Owned and run by respected TV producer Matt Quinn, TFGtv is built on over 35 years experience in broadcast, educational, industrial and commercial T.V. production.

And for some thirty of those years we've been making programmes for Scotland's business community; which makes us one of the longest-established corporate video production companies in Scotland...

But we've decided that a change of pace is called for!

We are, proudly, a traditional 100% family-owned business... What our American cousins might call a 'mom and pop' firm - literally! A couple of decades ago the birth of our daughter caused us to 'reign in' plans to develop our love of travelogue, instructional and social history programmes, as well as our interest in other arts-based projects. So we turned our focus to the 'bread and butter' corporate video we're best known for...

With 'the baby' now all grown up and making her way through university we feel there is an opportunity to let our hearts take the lead over our heads and pursue those projects we placed in abeyance all those years ago. So, we will be reducing our availability for corporate video work, and spending a little more time developing various other projects and interests...

In August 2016 we'll be launching a brand-new venture - Pentland Films.

Pentland Film and Television will produce a range of travelogue and special interest programmes for Broadcast, Cinema, Online and DVD/Blu-Ray release - We've been gathering footage specifically for our new productions for over 18 months now, and hope to have our first releases available before Christmas.

We are not however abandoning the corporate video business altogether! We've decided to delineate the non-broadcast 'corporate' side of the business (our bread and butter!) from the more 'lifestyle' business of producing films that we might make simply for the love it!

From the 1st of June 2016 all our corporate and commercial programmes are being produced under the old Caledonian Television brand that we first used back in the late 80s...

For clarity, we are not in any way shape or form 'closing down' - We're simply restructuring the business! And our existing clients may rest assured that they will still be dealing with exactly the same people in the same friendly, down-to-earth way. - We won't even be changing the 'phone number!

The Caledonian Television Company will be delighted to discuss your current corporate video needs Please update your bookmarks!

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