Matt Quinn Ltd is a project and intellectual property management consultancy based near Edinburgh. The company exists purely to carry out administrative functions for invited clients operating primarily in the fields of journalism, arts and media production. We do not ply for trade.

Matt Quinn Ltd has proprietorial right and manages a number of trade marks (Trading Styles) and other intellectual properties on behalf of clients. The company claims and reserves full rights of ownership and control over these marks, styles and expressions however utilised:

TFGtv™ 1996,™ 1997, The Falcon Glen Arts and Media Company™ 1997.

Highland Galleries™ 2000, Clydeside Television Productions™ 1986, Clydeside TV™ 1986, Clydeside Multimedia™ 1992, Clydeside Media Productions™ 1992, Pentland Films™ 1997, Pentland Television™ 1997, Pentland Film & Television™ 1997, The Caledonian Television Company™ 1987, Caledonian TV™ 2008, Caledonian Television™ 2008, West Lothian TV™ 1997, Whistle and Fetch™ 2004.

Matt Quinn Ltd are sole intellectual property agents for...

The Caledonian Television Company Ltd.

Whistle and Fetch Ltd.

West Lothian Television™ - Please note that we have NO association with certain groups and individuals who, as far as we are concerned, are currently engaged in 'passing off' by falsely utilising this trading name - which we have used continuously since 1997.